The start of Rose Hill News Online

Rose Hill News Online is a news blog that runs alongside the free hyperlocal newspaper Rose Hill News, which gets delivered three times a year to residents who live in Rose Hill. RHNO was started in 2016 by Aimee Winkfield who saw the potential to bring hyperlocal news online.

The main motivation was to create a platform where news could be covered and posted in between issues. This meant that news videos could be recorded and stored on the site adding another element to the coverage of local news. Another important motivation was having somewhere to store old issues that only existed in print, so PDF files were uploaded to the site so anyone could re-read or discover past issues of the paper.

Like the Rose Hill Newspaper, all content on the site is written by volunteers who work alongside the paper. RHNO is always looking for residents to get involved in the production of hyperlocal news.

The Community Media Group

community media group

We are proud to be under the umbrella which services free community newspapers throughout the whole of Oxford and Reading! We hope that our website will continue to serve the purpose of providing free information to the residents of Rose Hill, made accessible further to the wider range of people living outside of the estate.  We hope to provide regular updates on important community news, events and achievements, further building the connection in and outside of the community. Both the Rose Hill Newspaper and Rose Hill News Online blog site is run 100% by the citizens who live and/or work in Rose Hill.

Please get involved! We would love for more volunteers to get involved in creating content /sourcing stories for the website. Please contact: aimee-rosehillnews@hotmail.com for more details. No experience needed and we appreciate any content sent to us as long as it directly relates to the community/ area of Rose Hill. Please contact us if you’re an organisation or charity who would like to get involved within the Rose Hill Community.

Send us news stories by attaching a word document to the address above, photos must be  attached separately and not embedded within the document. Your words will not be changed but will be embedded into a structure which fits our website (e.g. paragraphs, headings etc), spelling will also be taken care of.  Anyone of any age is welcome to submit.